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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - Lexcorp building in Pontiac, Michigan

by Jason Ahlquist

Hey there Justice League fans! There's a developing story in the Detroit area surrounding the production of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. For the past two days in Pontiac, scenes have been shot featuring Jessie Eisenberg (Lex Luthor), Holly Hunter (part unrevealed) and a number of others.  Those others include a number of professional Michigan actors who have been fighting the good fight to preserve Michigan's film industry against state government cutbacks.


Our sources have told us that the security on set is the tightest and most impressive even the most seasoned professionals on the job have seen in their entire career. In that spirit, we've held back on pressing for more sensitive details. So to the security pro's on the production - we have yer back on this one. So as the weeks roll on and you have cool things you're ready to reveal - on your schedule, think about letting MarsDust up close. We're a Michigan fandom site with a long history in the area. We know how much Michigan loves you being here and the hope you represent for her politically set-upon film industry professionals.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you clicked to the jump for a reason didn't ya?

The Lexcorp Headquarters - symbol of villainy in the DCU, symbol of hope for Michigan film industry dreamers: