Henry Never Died

There are very few reasons to live, when you can’t die.

Jack, a social outcast and cannibal, is thrust out of his comfort zone and learns of new responsibilities to balance with a violent past.

We’ve had the honor of interviewing and featuring the culture icon, Henry Rollins, back in 2013. And we’ve gotten that privilege again. This time for his first starring role as the anti-hero Jack in He Never Died. The man never stops working and is constantly busy when he’s not working; so he has little time for anything else.. Which is the total opposite of the character that, director and writer Jason Krawczyk created, with Henry in mind to play; Jack has all the time on his hands and is bored which makes him edgy and irritable.

Sandee: What happened to Jack that he can never die?
Henry: You’ll have to see the film to find out.

Sandee: What thoughts went thru your head when asked about doing your first feature lead?
Henry: Nothing. It was like any other part, in that I show up as prepared as possible and work really hard. This time around, it was just more work than ever before but my approach didn’t change. I approach all things like this the same way. I either go all out or I don’t go at all.

Sandee: I know, from experience, that with every role, you can pull from life experiences to help you mold into what character you’re playing. What emotions did you tackle in this role that you never had before?
Henry: That was the interesting thing about working in the film. Jack is without emotion. He gets annoyed by people; like if they talk too much or if they try to kill him. Both of these things raises the same amount of temperature in Jack.

Sandee: What was it like being the anti-hero this time?
Henry: I never once thought about it. I am boringly utilitarian about film work. It’s a part. I take it and put as much into it as I would the smallest role. In that, it’s all the same to me.

Sandee: I heard that this all might become a TV series. Anything can you tell me about your involvement or anything about the mini series?
Henry: Not really because there is nothing that’s happening. The producers are trying to get things happening with the film and to get it out into the world. I have no idea where that’s at and know about as much as you do about it. I have no idea whatsoever what’s happening with all that. I hope something comes of the film that would allow us to work again.

Sandee: What experience, in your life, did you pull from to identify with Jack and what he goes thru in the movie?
Henry: Jack has seen a lot and not much surprises him. He has a lack of fear, not because he’s brave but because he is desensitized. That’s not a stretch for me. So, I occupied that space when working in the film.

Sandee: Who are some authors you would love to have dinner with and what would you talk about? (living and/or dead)
Henry: No one, really. I will eat alone rather than eat with anyone.

Sandee: What smart advice would you give the younger you from who you have become?
Henry: Shut up more often.

Sandee: Life is such a precious value. What are some things you value most in life and who you are as a person?
Henry: Work, achievement.

Sandee: Death comes in many forms. With as busy as you are and with all the atrocities you’ve seen in life, what keeps you going and not just give up?
Henry: I don’t find that option at all interesting. That’s basically it. I am aware of the shortness of life, so I might as well stay involved in things. There’s a lot of interesting things to check out and learn, so that’s all I need to know to keep me at it.

Sandee: I admire the mess out of you. Who are some of your hero’s and in what ways?
Henry: I admire Abraham Lincoln. He was smart and flawed. I think he did the best he could with an un-bearably bad situation and ultimately died for emancipation.

Sandee: Jack is a very depressed cannibal. What do you do to pull yourself out of depression?
Henry: I think it’s best to keep moving when feeling depressed. At least do something other than nothing. If I am feeling bad, I try to get something done.

Sandee: What do you enjoy doing after a day of work and on your off time.
Henry: I like listening to music or reading. Also writing non deadline stuff. I look for records online. That’s about it.

You can keep up with Henry at www.henryrollins.com and catch his podcast with Heidi every Friday at his site because it’s very awesome!

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