ROB ZOMBIE – Center Stage Badguys

By Sandee Rager

Flashes like a dream, a nightmare in fact; uncomfortable, beautiful, bothersome, and assaulting all sense of human nature. It may leave you feeling stripped down to the bone and metaphysically cleansed.

This all-encompassing emotional experience is an in- your-face beauty of House of 1,000 Corpses; a “crazy, never know where you’re going film,” Rob Zombie said.

Musician, director of video and now film, seen on MTV’s Total Request Live several times, Grammy nominated musician, and founder of Zombie-A-Go-Go Records, Rob Zombie has embarked on yet another fantastical work to devour.

Your wildest, darkest, most secret fantasy you wish for or want to come true; Zombie makes you careful what you wish for in his directorial debut.

This drool-inducing, pants-wetting, jump out of your seat classic-style horror is brought back from the dead. Legendary directors such as George Romero and Tobe Hooper revisited that style in the 1970’s and 1980’s with films like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Night of the Living Dead, Spiderbaby, and many others.

“Fresh new ideas,” Zombie commented about those directors. “They weren’t playing by the rules.”

And that very much appeals to him. As many horror films that have been made during that era, Zombie stresses a key element that has been missing in most of those movies: emphasis on the villain.

“That’s just it,” Zombie said firmly. “That they were important characters in the film.”

Films in the last decade or two have made a hide-and-seek game with villains and they aren’t seen or discovered until the end of the film.

“Villains have become faceless killing machines,” he continued.

With one film completed, he’s already started writing another. As well as film Zombie has interest in writing episodes for TV shows like The Twilight Zone, Night Visions, and Night Gallery. To seize the home viewers into a frenzy of TV time.

“Yeah sure,” he said. “If something like that came up.”

In addition to that, he’s also doing illustrations for an anthology of short horror fiction that’s slated for sometime in 2004. With his strength in the art of music and film, Zombie also stretches his arm in the realm of poster and cartoon art. Some of his favorites are Shag and artist Rob Williams. Zombie has a passion to write and draw his own cartoons, but with everything else he’s doing he doesn’t have time for it. He has a love for Manga and Anime. At one time in his life he spent a short time in art school, but ditched it soon after. He does excel at the art he wears on his skin. He’s designed most of his tattoos.

He continues to write and produce music for his films and his band. There are no plans for a tour anytime soon, but anything is possible. As much as his music and shows effect fans worldwide, oddly enough, for Zombie, he has no live show experience that has made a stamp on his memory.

“Most concert things that really affected me was on TV,” he said.

Despite the amount of music he’s created to tease and tantalize ears, as well as all of the new musicians that have surfaced during his lifetime, he can lend no props to music today.

“I really don’t give a shit,” Zombie said and laughed fully. “I’d rather listen to the Velvet Underground”

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