DEVO’s Gerry Casale

“Life’s to short for one bad meal,”

Five truly unique and inventive men from Akron, Ohio popped up their red-capped heads in the music scene in the early 80’s. They brought a new and interesting sound and look to music. Then, Devo sadly parted ways.
Since that parting of Devo, Gerald Casale, now in Santa Monica, CA. works like a racehorse.

“I like having too much to think about and too much to do,” Casale said.

Casale owns Outta the Box, his own company directing music videos and commercials. He can go through big waves of work at times, 12-14 hour days and turn around and go two weeks without writing. He is working on other projects outside of his business. He has a strong passion for directing.

“I only write things,” Casale said.”I really would like to direct. I keep getting closer.”

He is trying to get involved in directing feature films. With life as it is now, he still looks at his Devo days with satisfaction.

“I miss everything about it,” Casale said excitedly in memory of his

work with Devo. “I loved touring. (It’s) very total, very energizing.You stay young.”

Even though members all do other things now, they get together as Devo when they are asked; to play live at events like Lalapalooza, when someone in the industry wants music by Devo sung by them or the occasional tour dates. But, that is the only time they get together as a group, otherwise, it’s not the same.

“Creatively Devo was us,” Casale said. “One without the other is no good.”

A phone rang in the background; he excused himself for a moment and took care of the call.

“If not Devo, then I’m not involved,” he continued.

Casale enjoys many of the classics in life. He’s a fan of classic films of the 50’s and 60’s like Forbidden Planet and various others.

“God, there’s so many,” Casale said and paused for a moment. “I’m drawing a blank.

The last really good movies he saw were Aliens and X-men. He also loves the history of film, film noir, Stanley Kubric, and films such as Face in the Crowd and Sweet Smell of Success. One might ask, when you’re a musician of such an influential band what kind of music would that one listen to? Casale listens to all types of music, but his tastes aren’t much for much music out now.

“Isn’t like it use to be,” Casale commented. “Where one person played to a wide audience. It’s so small now, to many.”

He made mention of all the boy bands, female artists like Britney Spears and rock bands like Creed. Not being a fan of current music, his tone and the subject turned a little darker and politics was the color.


“What Bush is doing makes Regan look like kindergarten,”
“What Bush is doing makes Regan look like kindergarten,” Casale said

very frankly. “I figure the effects of global warming are exponential.”

All seriousness aside, Devo still continues to pop up its red capped heads. Rhino records are supposed to put out a compilation collection of videos on DVD sometime. A few tour dates are in the works for fall 2002, but nothing is confirmed.

“Life’s too short for one bad meal,” Casale said and laughed with a light



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